Targeted advertising without third-party cookies

After the phaseout of third-party cookies, we offer tracking alternatives for effective online advertising campaigns.

Internet browsers such as Safari, Firefox and Chrome have had measures in place for some time to restrict or even block the use of third-party cookies. It is therefore a matter of urgency to find alternatives for online advertising. We offer our clients ways to efficiently run advertising campaigns without cookies from third-party service providers.

Alloy, our own data solution

One of our solutions is called Alloy. Alloy is a data-driven platform based on internal data generated within Ringier’s vast portfolio and it is supplemented by matching it to data in data clean rooms. If no such data is available and the audience is not addressable, Alloy offers an alternative solution known as contextual targeting.

The data-driven platform Alloy creates bespoke segments for accurate targeting. Initial evaluations indicate that Alloy achieves a 40% higher click rate than that of the leading provider of data-driven platforms in Switzerland.

A promising ID solution for Switzerland

We are also working with other Swiss publishers and their advertisers on the development of a basic technology in the form of a digital advertising ID, known as OneID. This allows advertisers to easily address Swiss users without any cross-referencing between publishers. One of the specific applications is frequency capping, in other words, limiting the number of times a certain ad is shown to individual users.

Our targeting solutions for online campaigns are split into addressable and non-addressable:

Addressable solutions

With addressable solutions, users can be identified and reached with a targeted ad, for example based on internal data.

solution #1

Internal data

Using internal data means that frequency capping and targeting can be applied to digital campaigns. Using technologies such as Ringier Star ID or, in the future, OneID, will allow for the creation of user segments within the Alloy data solution based on socio-demographic data. 

solution #2

Data clean room matching

In a data clean room, client data can be compared with publisher data. The individual data segments are thus created for clients – without sharing data between clients and publishers. You can therefore use your own client and user data in our digital network to expand your target group.

solution #3

Google Privacy Sandbox

We use Google Privacy Sandbox solutions to offer our clients addressable campaigns. Topics is one such example: the Google browser identifies the most common advertising themes of a user. Campaigns can therefore be targeted on the basis of these topics without much scatter loss.

Non-addressable solutions

With non-addressable solutions, no user data is used for the advertising.

solution #4


With digital campaigns, specific segments based on themes are selected so that the ad can be placed in the most suitable contextual environment.

solution #5

Fixed placements

The conventional method of targeted advertising without data on the appropriate publisher’s website. Targeted selection of publishers in keeping with the theme allows the desired target group to be reached and reduces scatter losses.

solution #6

Campaigns to boost profile

Advertising campaigns are played out as broad as possible without targeting to create a big impact. A solution suitable for image campaigns aswell as product launches and when the aim is to boost the profile of the brand.

Combination of addressable and non-addressable solutions

In this scenario, solutions #1 Internal data and #4 Contextual are combined.

solution #7

Reach Data

By combining internal data and a contextual approach, it is possible to reach specific target groups throughout the entire Ringier Digital Network – from car lovers to future mums and foodies. The Ringier Digital Network includes some 30 media brands such as, blue News, Beobachter and L’Illustré, and guarantees high quality advertising environments. Instead of placing ads in predefined media titles, Reach Data allows clients to address their target group across different titles.

«The addressable solution based on our internal data is used by our advertising clients. We are always happy to hear that we are as prepared as possible for this new era.»

Alexandre Merk, Head of Digital Innovation at Ringier Advertising

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