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In today’s world, marketing that does not take advantage of digital formats is unthinkable. Consumers have their desktop computers, tablets and smartphones on hand throughout the day, opening up a unique spectrum of possibilities for direct, hyper-targeted interaction with your target groups. We would be happy to advise you on how to reach your advertising goals efficiently on our 30 digital premium platforms.

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Latest study reveals record-breaking user numbers for our digital portfolio
The recently published results of the independent study ‘NET Metrix Profile 2020-2’ revealed sensational figures for the websites in Ringier Advertising’s portfolio. In particular, the platforms of the business publications Handelszeitung, cash and Le Temps, as well as the popular western Switzerland consumer magazine L’illustré, saw a considerable increase in user numbers over the last year.
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13 October 20
Interactive Video Ads

Set new benchmarks for user engagement and relevance. The interactive video ad technology allows the users to interact with your ad through features such as content selection, product spotlights, shoppable elements and a product configurator.

3 December 20
Ringier Advertising: getting even closer to customers with a new digital presence

Ringier Advertising launched its stand-alone digital B2B presence with a new website and social media channels in early December 2020.

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