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16 February 22
Reach your target group of gardeners and plant lovers with our Blick Garden Special

Be included in this garden special and book a perfectly placed print ad to make sure your target group takes notice of your brand.

21 January 22
Think big: Welcome Ad Video now also available on Blick.ch

The large-format advertising medium continues to spread: On blue News, the welcome ad with video has met with great interest among customers. The high-performance format with moving images can now also be booked on Blick.ch.

24 November 21
Veganuary and Blick in January 2022

Veganism is steadily gaining in popularity, also here in Switzerland. In addition to the love of animals or a desire to live a healthier life, environmental protection and sustainability are decisive factors in the food choices of many vegans.

26 August 22
Contextual targeting pays off, as the current case study featuring Cash.ch illustrates

In future, we will have to completely forgo third-party cookies. Contextual targeting offers a good and proven approach to reach users in appropriate thematic contexts. The current advertising campaign for Cash.ch also demonstrates that contextual targeting works.

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