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20 October 21
Exclusively available on blue News: Welcome Ad Video

Following the successful launch of the welcome ad on different titles, it is now available exclusively with video on blue News. The large-format advertising medium thus builds on the success of various video formats in digital advertising.

13 October 21
Custom Made Video Production incl. Product Placement from blue News

The blue News video editorial team now also offers customized video solutions: whether explainer videos, individual films or entire series.

2 September 21
Le Temps launches «Regions» project and focuses on regional players in French-speaking Switzerland

On 1 September 2021, Le Temps, which has been owned by the Geneva-based non-profit foundation Aventinus since the start of this year, will launch the «Regions» project and enhance its regional news coverage.

2 September 21
Le Temps reaffirms its ambitions

Le Temps, owned by the Aventinus Foundation since the beginning of the year, has set about making certain strategic and editorial changes without losing sight of its fundamental values. Under the leadership of Madeleine von Holzen, Le Temps is expanding its coverage of regional news and introducing a new timeline for information processing, as well as preparing several major projects for the future.

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