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Digital Ad Trust Certificate for more security and transparency in digital advertising

Ringier Advertising is one of the first marketers to be awarded the Digital Ad Trust certificate. Digital Ad Trust is a cross-association initiative of the three associations IAB Switzerland, Leading Swiss Agencies and Schweizer Werbeauftraggeberverband. Ringier Advertising receives certification in all four tested areas: Visibility, Brand Safety, Ad Fraud and User Experience. 

The Digital Ad Trust certificate is a guarantee for high-quality inventory.  In order to receive the “full” certificate, the required conditions in the areas of Visibility, Ad Fraud, Brand Safety and User Experience must be met. Ringier Advertising uses an MRC-accredited third-party tool to measure Brand Safety, Ad Fraud and Visibility. The award is granted by the three associations IAB Switzerland Association (IAB), Schweizer Werbeauftraggeberverband (SWA) and the Leading Swiss Agencies (LSA), which founded the Digital Ad Trust association for this purpose.

Ringier Advertising has received the Digital Ad Trust certification in the following subject areas:


Ad Visibility indicates how often and for how long an ad is actually visible in the displayed area of the browser. In addition to its CPM prices, Ringier Advertising also transparently discloses the visibility performance of the individual advertising media in advance. Moreover, Ringier Advertising undertakes to show a visibility rate above 55.0% (from 2022: 60.0%) and to reduce the number of non-visible impressions.

Brand Safety

Brand Safety includes the playout of advertising campaigns in brand-compliant and trustworthy environments. Impressions that are blocked if they are delivered on pages that do not comply with Legal Safety must not exceed a total of 2% of the pages with ads or impressions delivered.

Ad Fraud

Ad Fraud refers to the fraudulent impersonation of a non-delivered or incorrectly delivered advertising service. The term Invalid Traffic includes any clicks or ad impressions caused without human intent that may artificially inflate an advertiser’s costs or a publisher’s revenue. This includes unintended or accidental clicks as well as fraudulent activities. Ringier Advertising commits to keeping the percentage of General Invalid Traffic below the 2.0% limit.

User Experience

User Experience is being evaluated within the context of online advertising. This includes the renunciation of advertising formats that violate the “Coalition for better Ads” and the clear prioritization of editorial content over advertising. For example, advertising must be clearly marked as such unless it is obvious.

The label is awarded for 12 months at a time and applies to the entire Ringier Digital Network with around 30 first-class brands. With the Digital Ad Trust certification, Ringier Advertising guarantees its customers and agencies a high-quality inventory with maximum transparency and security.

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