Programmatic Advertising refers to the automated process of purchasing advertising space and the real-time presentation of adverts. The entire process – from commissioning to service fulfilment – takes place via the technology platforms provided: DSP (demand-side platform) and SSP (sell-side platform).

We make our inventory available across multiple sell-side platforms. Depending on the demand-side platform, deal IDs are only offered via the following SSPs: Google Ad Manager (21823152020), Xandr Monetize (9178) and Adform.

1st SSP: Google (21823152020)

  • Private deals
  • Pre-targeted deals
  • Open auction
  • Special formats
  • Programmatic guaranteed (beta)

2nd SSPs: Xandr (9178), Adform (2897)

  • Private deals
  • Open auction
  • Pretargetet Deals
  • Programmatic guaranteed (on request)

Programmatically bookable

Advertising formats


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