The online Marketplace booking platform offers advertisers, clients and agencies direct access to our print portfolio of around 20 high-quality media publications. From the quote through to the booking and invoicing, campaigns can be dynamically managed and spending optimised as necessary with just a few clicks.

What is Marketplace?

Since July 2019, all clients and agencies have had the option of booking our entire print portfolio directly via the online Marketplace. In three easy steps, you can select the title, format, placement and appearance, and send the campaign directly to us as a booking or reservation.

What can I book using Marketplace?

In principle, our entire print portfolio is available on Marketplace. Only placements that have been reserved for the long term or that are not freely available will not be shown. You can see at a glance whether your desired placement is currently available and then reserve or book it directly.

Dynamic pricing on Marketplace

Dynamic or classic pricing? The choice is yours. Both options can be processed via Marketplace, and the platform already has your details at the ready. Contract discounts, contacts and addresses – it’s all there. 

More about Dynamic Pricing

Campaign management

In addition to reservations and bookings, you can also manage your campaigns using Marketplace. Whether you want to turn a reservation into a booking, change the date an ad appears or cancel it entirely, Marketplace lets you do so in seconds.

How do I use Marketplace?

Would you like to use Marketplace to book your print campaigns? Then get in touch with us! A short introduction will give you access to our entire print portfolio.

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