Boosting digital performance with Google Ad Manager

Switching to Google Ad Manager as our primary ad server offers numerous benefits for our clients. Even though we only migrated recently, we have already been able to significantly boost the relevant KPIs in our digital advertising campaigns.

Seamless transition as a key requirement

Thanks to the commitment of our digital team and to their close collaboration with the Google team, we were able to ensure a smooth transition to our new primary ad server and minimise the risks associated with migrating. The sophisticated ad server technology has enabled us to make significant improvements to the relevant KPIs for our digital campaigns in a very short period of time.

‘We have been able to optimise vital KPIs and take them to a new level, resulting in improved campaign efficiency and a general increase in campaign results’, is the delighted summary from Tim Marach, Director Ad Technology and Services at Ringier Advertising.

Migrating immediately improved performance

After just three months, significant improvements have already been identified in the following areas:

  • 97% uplift in programmatic advertising traffic
  • 23% faster ad load time
  • 17% ad viewability

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