In-house data solution ‘Alloy’ built on first-party data

Our data management platform that was developed internally allows us to provide our advertising clients with more accurate targeting without being dependent on third-party cookies.

Not dependent on third-party data

Our new data management platform does what we need even without third-party cookies: Alloy is based on first-party data that is generated within the Ringier portfolio and via data matching in data clean rooms.

Strong performance

Initial evaluations using the same or similar data show that with Alloy, we can achieve a 40-percent higher click-through rate than the leading provider of data management platforms in Switzerland. Alloy optimises our clients’ campaigns to a whole new level and enables them to accurately reach their target groups.

Maximum transparency in use of data

We set great store by absolute transparency. With Alloy, our clients can see first-hand how we generate our data segments for specific targeting services and how we calculate our KPIs. We retain control of our security guidelines and create trust.

More flexible targeting

Alloy allows us to create custom user segments for specific targeting and respond flexibly to client-specific requirements. If there is no data pool and users cannot be addressed, Alloy offers a solution with contextual targeting. We are continually adapting our data management platform to meet new requirements.

Alloy: forging our success

The name Alloy represents our data solution perfectly. Like a metal alloy, consisting of various different elements, Alloy combines multiple powerful components to achieve our clients’ marketing objectives more effectively.

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