With the RDN Sport Pool, you cover all major sports environments and relevant sports brands with a single booking. These inspire millions of fans every day with the latest information from the national and international world of football, ice hockey, tennis, cycling or skiing and more.

  • The best-known sports quality environments of leading Swiss premium media brands
  • Targeting of individual sports also possible by arrangement
  • Comprehensive contact optimisation
  • Standard, video and branding formats on desktop and mobile

Brands in the pool

Brands in the pool

Please note that the publisher RED is in the on-boarding process and will be part of the RDN Sport Pool. This will be communicated on the website soon.


Sport.ch brings everything you need to know about Swiss sport together in one place. News, stories, live ticker, results, a comprehensive range of videos with live sport highlights, exclusive shows, original programming, entertainment formats and streams. The integrated vertical site ‘welovesnow.ch’ provides information and daily updates on the latest results and reports from the world of winter sports.


Transfermarkt is one of the most popular football websites in the world and is known for its much-cited market values of players. The site has the world’s largest football database. This is based on a user-generated content principle similar to that of Wikipedia.


Blue News is the Swiss news portal with the VIP pass to the world of sports and entertainment. Blue News informs over half a million readers daily about global events, always from a Swiss perspective. The football tickers, highlight videos, and analyses of the most exciting national and European leagues make blue News indispensable for every football fan. Additionally, blue News is right there on Switzerland’s biggest festival stages, delivering live concerts, star interviews, or behind-the-scenes stories directly to your phone or laptop.


blue TV brings the best in Swiss entertainment to your laptop, tablet and smartphone. High-image-quality live TV from more than 200 broadcasters, replay, recording function, and thousands of films, series and live sporting events make blue TV an unforgettable experience on any screen.


Teletext remains indispensable in the digital world, with its concise, matter-of-fact content that is extremely up-to-date and credible.

Sports news and results see the highest use on teletext.ch, and text news on business and political activities at home and abroad is also popular. The service also provides content on the weather, TV programmes and much more.


Blick.ch is Switzerland’s most powerful media portal, generating over 90 million visits per month. Every story is conceived in text, image and video form: this 360-degree strategy provides users with the best of the news, sports, politics, business, society and people, around the clock. The news portal has been up and running in French-speaking Switzerland since June 2021 with blick.ch/fr, and has already become a powerful voice in Western Switzerland with more than 60,000 visits every day. Switzerland’s first digital TV broadcaster was also launched in the form of Blick TV, representing the start of a moving image campaign. Thanks to quick, attractive VoD content, a new broadcasting structure and innovative formats, Blick TV reaches up to a million video views per day.


News, commentary and analysis as well as live coverage of all top events and over 100 international leagues are at the heart of the website, alongside detailed statistical information from the kicker database. Our amateur football section covers a total of 5,302 German leagues – currently including 2,112 men’s leagues, 371 women’s leagues and 2,819 junior leagues (A to C youth). In addition, kicker DIGITAL reports on motor sports, basketball, ice hockey, handball, tennis, winter sports, NFL/football and all important major sporting events.

Data Solutions

Our targeting services

As part of the Ringier Digital Network, we offer you a variety of different targetings. Here you will find the availability on the sites and the rates.


Advertising material delivery deadlines

  • Standard formats: three working days
  • Special formats (e.g. branding day, videos, advertorials, native advertising, sponsoring): five working days

A campaign can only be guaranteed to start on time if the delivery deadlines are met. Where possible, advertising material that is delivered late will be considered at the latest up to 3 pm on the previous working day (standard formats) or one working day before the start of the campaign (special formats). If this final deadline cannot be met, the start of the campaign will be postponed.

Delivery address for ad formats material

Audio for display and outstream video formats may only start playing as a result of user interaction (i.e. clicking on a sound button on the advertising material). Audio for instream video formats should be switched to ‘sound on’.

For each campaign (flight/line item), there is a maximum limit of three subjects for physical delivery. If more than three subjects are integrated, the material must be delivered via a third-party tag.

Branding Day background images: the function of background images and colours is to provide a visual frame for Branding Days. Advertising messages in the form of images and/or text may not be included in background images – these should only be placed in the banners used for the respective campaign. If the background image does not meet these requirements, it cannot be used. The visibility of the background image depends on the screen resolutions used. If these are too low, some or all of the background image may not be displayed. It is therefore not possible to display the entire background image on all resolutions. If a background colour is used, it must be made available to us as a hex code (e.g.: #ED3B94).

The contract partner is solely responsible for fulfilling the heavy ad intervention criteria of the browsers Chrome and Edge. Advertisement deliveries that are blocked by heavy ad intervention will not be refunded or compensated. More information: Chromium Blog

Supported ad formats

  • Display
  • Video
  • Branding



Ringier Advertising’s entire inventory can also be booked programmatically.

In the first-price auctions, in addition to total price transparency, we also offer comprehensive information about VPAID (where technically possible), viewability and publisher URLs. Private deals can include all segments.


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