Life Stage

We all go through various stages in life, each characterised by different interests and various life and purchasing decisions. You can now efficiently reach your target group on the basis of their life stage thanks to our four new «Life Stage» targeting strategies.

18 t0 25 years

Life Stage «Young & Wild»

They are young and wild and the world is their oyster. Always equipped with the latest electronic gadgets, they know what’s going on in terms of music, movies and series. With their first own apartment and a vehicle, they are in the lower price range.

26 to 35 years

Life Stage «Rising Achiever»

Standing on their own two feet, they are conquering the world. Topics such as marriage, children and starting a family come to the fore, as do careers and further education. Both the car and the apartment can cost a little more here.

36 to 50 years

Life Stage «Happy Settlers»

Having arrived in life and being financially stable, they enjoy their free time with hobbies, outdoor activities or indulge in a gourmet meal. The money is either invested in the stock market or in a home of their own. A snazzy sled could be the icing on the cake.

51 years and up

Life Stage «Golden Years»

You are enjoying the best years of life with literature and art. Health and financial provision come into focus. Perhaps you are also thinking about buying a vacation home in order to one day enjoy your well-deserved retirement?

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