The challenge

«How do you launch a beer that helps the forest?», Feldschlösschen wanted to know.. The answer: such a special beer deserves an equally special campaign! Exclusively played out on Ringier’s and Ringier Axel Springer’s channels.

The idea

To rethink communication! Of course, that’s what everyone says. But we are turning this challenge into an advantage. Yes, we are a media house, which also means that we have a better understanding of content than others. Specifically, we can jump on the latest current affairs in an instant and use the relevancy of the topics to USZIT’s* benefit while also establishing the claim that reflects USZIT’s essence: Just a beer. But a better one. The broad-based launch campaign therefore raised awareness not only of the beer, but also of its good cause – five centimes per can go to the Swiss forests.

The result

The most successful beer launch of the last 14 years. And 5,000 newly planted trees.

*USZIT is a Swiss German word that translates as “time out”.

Advertising banner

Standard banners, «April Joke» and ice hockey themes
Banners for «International Women’s Day» and «Mother’s Day»


«Just Friends. But with benefits.»
«Just hobby kicker. But cheering like a professional.»
«Just a city flat. But in the countryside.»


«Only a commercial. But 10 seconds USZIT for you.»
«Only a commercial. But 10 seconds USZIT for you.»

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