Toyota: No more boring Cars

The challenge

Toyota is the world’s largest car manufacturer. The brand epitomises quality but has a slightly outdated image. The aim was to change this with a new image campaign.

The idea

Honesty, humour and a little food for thought. Thats how we are manifesting Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda’s claim of «no more boring cars» in customers’ minds. «No more boring cars» is an image campaign which emphasizes the strength of the individual models while simultaneously improving Toyota’s image through a sense of self-mockery. This shows confidence and strength. It has also marked the start of a journey into an exciting future.

The result

Adpanel survey GFK-Online-Bus survey with n= min. 750:

  • 50% of people with recall regard Toyota as very likeable vs. 15.9% without recall
  • 40.9% of people with recall regard Toyota as considerably likeable vs. 5% without recall
  • Increase in likeability from 13.9% to 17.9%
  • Increase in brand preference from 11% to 13%
  • 17.5% of people with recall have a brand preference for Toyota vs. 13.2% without recall


«The perfect SUV – If you need one.
Toyota Campaign advertisements


Toyota Spot GR Yaris
Toyota Spot Corolla
Mobile Halfpage Ad «Deck of Cards»
Interaktive Wideboard MAX

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