The two established and successful editions of the “Uhren & Schmuck” Special by “Handelszeitung” have been presented since 2023 in a modern and high-quality magazine format. The editorial team sheds light on the world of watches and jewelry from all angles, emphasizing the importance of compelling storytelling and contemporary visuals. In addition to featuring remarkable innovations, the magazine reports on industry trends, visual tendencies, and economic developments. It explores brand heritage and showcases best practices. Interviews with intriguing figures in the industry and a specially produced photo spread for each edition complete the Special.


  • CharacteristicLuxus
  • Readership58 000
  • Reach1.1 %
  • 1/1 page, gross rateCHF 13 500
  • Frequency2x per year
  • DistributionGerman-speaking Switzerland

The values correspond to those of the Handelszeitung
Source for readership and reach: MACH Basic 2024-1 (basis: German-speaking language group of 5 255 000 people)
Source for distributed circulation: WEMF-Auflagenbulletin 2023

Media Facts

Media Facts

Readers (thousand)RangeStructureAffinity
Total581.1 %100 %100
Male461.8 %80 %161
Female120.4 %20 %40
14 – 34 years90.6 %14.9 %52
35 – 54 years211.2 %35.6 %106
55+ years291.4 %49.4 %132
14 – 19 years20.5 %2.9 %44
20 – 29 years40.6 %7.6 %56
30 – 39 years50.6 %9.1 %53
40 – 49 years101.2 %18 %111
50 – 59 years151.6 %25.5 %144
60+ years211.4 %36.8 %128
Household income in CHF
Up to 3,99950.7 %8.7 %65
4,000 – 7,999140.7 %25.1 %65
8,000+381.5 %66.2 %138
Type of residential area
Metropolitan area: central core481.2 %83.7 %106
Outside metropolitan areas90.8 %16.3 %77
Full time331.6 %56.5 %142
Part time80.7 %13.2 %60
In education/training20.5 %2.8 %45
Unemployed160.9 %27.5 %86
Compulsory50.6 %8.8 %53
Medium160.7 %26.9 %59
High371.9 %64.3 %169
Very strong/generally strong interest
Stock market. investment. financial markets403.2 %69.1 %295
Economy512.5 %89.2 %224
Cars and motorbikes171.7 %29.9 %158
Computers and informatics271.7 %47.2 %151
Science and technology411.5 %70.2 %139
Source: MACH Basic 2024-1 / Base: German-speaking language group of 5 255 000 people

Publication and advertising deadlines

Publication and advertising deadlines

IssuePublicationAdvertising deadlineDeadline for print material
Special in magazine format



Premium formats

FormatsPlacementFull bleed in mm (W x H)Print space in mm (W x H)Gross price in CHF
Opening420 x 282402 x 26138,610
Editoright side210 x 282189 x 26115,400
Contentright side210 x 282189 x 26114,500
4th cover page 210 x 282189 x 26116,200

Standard formats

FormatsFull bleed in mm (W x H)Print space in mm (W x H)Gross price in CHF
1/1 page210 x 282189 x 26113,500
1/2 landscape210 x 140189 x 1298,505
1/2 landscape*210 x 140189 x 2618,505
1/3 landscape*210 x 96189 x 855,631
1/3 vertical*71 x 28261 x 2615,631
1/4 landscape210 x 47189 x 634,272
1/4 vertical*56 x 28245 x 2614,272
*with text connection


FormatsPlacementFull bleed in mm (W x H)Print space in mm (W x H)Gross price in CHF
2/1 panorama1st position420 x 282378 x 26135,640
2/1 panorama2nd position420 x 282378 x 26134,155
2/1 panorama3rd position420 x 282378 x 26129,700


FormatsFull bleed in mm (W x H)Gross price in CHF
2/1 page610 x 21929,700
1/1 page291 x 43813,500
1/2 landscape 291 x 2198,505
Delivery evaluation of advertorials by customers

Production surcharges

The following production surcharges apply when print material (text and design) is produced by the Brand Studio*:

FormatsLayoutFull bleed in mm (W x H)Gross price in CHF**
2/1 pageMagazine or journal format420 x 2825,000
1/1 pageMagazine or journal format210 x 2823,300
*Exclusive shooting – further adaptations and translations on request
**Neither tiered discount nor entitled for Advisory commission or Annual turnover premium

General policies

The prices and information are subject to change at any time without prior notice. All technical data and weight information is non-binding. All prices are quoted in CHF excl. 8.1 % VAT; prices are valid from 1st January 2024.

Specifications & delivery

Specifications & delivery

Publishing title

TitelCirculation 2024SubscriptionsKiosk sales
Uhren & Schmuck39,000*30,0009,000
*Supplements within a special can only be booked as a total print run
Technical conditions
Print processOffset
Magazine format210 x 282 mm
Bleed advertisements+5 mm trim on all sides. Text and image elements that may not be trimmed must be 8 mm away from the edge of the magazine
UCR300 % (sum C+M+Y+K)
ICC profileISO Coated_V2_300_eci
Print material coloursTo ensure optimum reproduction of the advert, the print shop requires a binding quality proof in accordance with the Iso Coated Standard by the deadline. There must be a fogra media wedge on the proof. If no colour proof is available as a reference, your order will be printed according to the PSO standard.
Colour compositionAll advertisements must be created using the Euroscale colours (cyan, magenta, yellow and black)
Bitmap845 dpi, greyscale and colour: 300 dpi. Format: PDF. No RGB, DCS or OPI images
Panorama pagesIn the case of 2/1 pages with overflowing text, always take the gutter allowance into account or consult Ringier Advertising
Data formatDelivery as a PDF file is considered standard and is preferable to delivery in other file formats
DocumentsPDF/X-4 (other documents on request). For the settings, please see
Data transmission
AddressRingier AG
Ringier Advertising
Classifieds & Prepress
Flurstrasse 55
8021 Zürich

Requirements for the creation of advertorials

FrameThe page(s) are framed with a border at least 0.5 point thick. A line “PUBLIREPORTAGE” is placed above the frame in capital letters (font: Helvetica, 12 point) (left page – top left, right page – top right). The frame and the line must be at least 5 mm away from the trim.
FontsSerif fonts in particular are tricky, as the balance sheet itself uses serif fonts. The following fonts may not be used: Publico Text, Publico Headline, Whitman, Antenna
Overall imageTitle and text fonts must stand out clearly from the “BILANZ”. Type area and layout grid must not be identical to the “BILANZ”.


Conditions & Discounts

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