Blick reports on everything affecting the people in our country – clear, bold, pioneering and close at hand. Since it was founded in 1959, Blick has become Switzerland’s best-known media brand. Blick is published as a print edition Monday to Saturday and reaches 325,000 readers per day. With revelations and reports from the world of news, sport, business, politics, foreign issues, society and people, Blick makes headlines at home and abroad – offering straight talking and allowing everyone to have their say. Blick, SonntagsBlick and reach a combined total of 2.6 million people per week. In keeping with the slogan: ‘Blick. Ich bin dabei’ (‘Blick. Count me in’).


  • CharacteristicDaily newspaper
  • Readership295’000
  • Distributed circulation83’626
  • 1/1 page, gross rateCHF 26’200
  • DistributionGerman-speaking Switzerland
  • Cost-per-thousandCHF 89
  • FrequencyMon – Sat
  • Reach D-CH6.0%

Source for readership and reach: MACH Basic 2022-2 (basis: German-speaking language group of 4,898,000 people)
Source for distributed circulation: WEMF-Auflagenbulletin 2022

Media Facts

Media Facts

Readers (thousands)Range (%)Structure (%)Affinity
Age (years)    
14 to 34 years624.321.272
35 to 54 years814.927.581
Age (years)    
14 to 19 years144.14.768
20 to 29 years324.610.876
30 to 39 years334.011.267
40 to 49 years415.113.985
50 to 59 years566.419.1106
Household income in CHF    
Up to 3’999568.119.1134
4’000 – 7’9991347.145.3117
8’000 ++1054.535.575
Type of residential area    
Metropolitan area: central core1345.545.492
Metropolitan area: secondary core and fringe815.727.394
Outside metropolitan areas807.627.2126
Full time1235.941.698
Part time444.115.068
In education/training113.63.960
Very strong/generally strong interest    
Cars and motorbikes818.727.5145
Cosmetics, body care and beauty897.630.1125
Entertainment and communication devices1367.246.1120
Clothes and fashion1017.234.3119

Source: MACH Basic 2022-2 – Basis: German-speaking language group of 4,898,000 people

Publication and advertising deadlines

Publication and advertising deadlines

PublicationsAdvertising deadline
MondayThursday – 09.00 Uhr
TuesdayFriday – 09.00 Uhr
WednesdayMonday – 09.00 Uhr
ThursdayTuesday – 09.00 Uhr
FridayWednesday – 09.00 Uhr
SaturdayThursday – 09.00 Uhr

Blick will not appear in 2023 on the following days: 07.04. / 10.04. / 01.05. / 18.05. / 29.05. / 01.08. / 25.12. / 26.12.

Advertisements subject to approval
  • Data delivery 5 working days before publication at the latest
  • This includes advertisements of an editorial nature with political content or advertisements with proofs on Friday (9.00h) before the advertising deadline.
Right of postponement

There is a right of postponement free of charge up to 7 working days before the planned publication date.

Advertising rates

Advertising rates

Premium formats
FormatsPrint space (width x height in mm)Gross price CHF
1/1 page – 1st ad page290 x 44032’800
1/2 landscape – page 3290 x 21828’700
1/3 landscape – cover page290 x 14530’900
Standard formats
Print space (width x height in mm)
Gross price CHF
1/1 page290 x 44026’200
1/2 landscape290 x 21819’300
1/2 vertical143 x 44019’300
1/3 landscape290 x 14513’800
1/3 vertical94 x 44013’800
1/4 page – final page290 x 10813’200
1/4 landscape290 x 10811’300
1/4 vertical143 x 21811’300
1/4 height advert143 x 21813’550
1/6 landscape290 x 718’600
1/6 vertical45 x 4408’600
1/6 height advert94 x 2189’700
1/6 height corner94 x 2188’600
1/8 landscape290 x 536’750
1/8 vertical94 x 1636’750
1/8 height advert94 x 1637’800
1/8 corner landscape143 x 1086’750
3/8 landscape290 x 16315’450
Additional costs
Surcharge additional costs*
Placement guarantee20 %

*Based on gross price in CHF

Double-page spreads
FormatsPrint space (width x height in mm)Bruttopreis CHF
2/1 Premium – pages 2 and 3610 x 44064’800
2/1 page – center of newspaper610 x 44053’600
2/1 page – not center of newspaper610 x 44049’800
2 x 1/2 landscape – not center of newspaper610 x 21844’700
2 x 1/4 landscape – not center of newspaper610 x 10824’300
1/1 centred page – center of newspaper290 x 44036’700
1/2 centred landscape – center of newspaper290 x 21828’950
Special formats
FormatsPrint space (width x height in mm)Gross price CHF
4 x 1/1 page ad set(4x) 290 x 44079’600
Junior page241 x 34223’600
Circular adØ 1009’200
Island ad94 x 706’300
L-shaped ad – weatherTotal mm x 37212’000
Portrait field – weather45 x 1746’350
Mirror ad, 1 column (2 x) – each outside(je) 94 x 44027’600
Spiegelanzeige 1-spaltig (2 x) – each outside(je) 45 x 44015’300
Foot bar – cover page290 x 339’650
Foot bar – sport opening page290 x 337’800
Foot bar – final page290 x 337’800
Foot bar – weather290 x 336’600
Category titleGross price CHF
black and white
1 column/per mm
Gross price CHF
1 column/per mm
Vehicle market8.6010.00
Financial advertisements8.6010.00
Real estate8.6010.00
Career jobs8.6010.00
Marketplace more options8.6010.00
Spaltenanzahl und -masse
Anzahl SpaltenSpaltenmass in mm
  • 5% Rabatt bei Buchung via Online: (keine Rabatt-Kumulation)
  • Für weitere Informationen wenden Sie sich bitte an die Rubriken-Abteilung: Tel. +41 58 909 99 66 /
FormatsPrint space (width x height in mm)Gross price CHF*
2/1 page610 x 44049’800
1/1 page290 x 44026’200
1/2 landscape290 x 21819’300

*Advertorials delivery by customers.

Production surcharges

The following production surcharges apply when creating print material via the Brand Studio:

Formats Flat rate CHF**
2/1 pageLayout and editing – Tabloid5’000
1/1 pageLayout and editing – Tabloid3’300
1/1 pageLayout and editing – Broadsheet5’000
1/2 pageLayout and editing – Broadsheet3’300

** Exclusive shooting – further adaptations and translations on request.

General policies

The prices and information are subject to change at any time without prior notice. All technical data and weight information is non-binding. All prices are quoted in CHF excl. 7.7% VAT; prices are valid from 1 January 2023.


«Quattro» – the ideal combination offer

Ringier Advertising’s extensive range of magazines and newspapers covers all interesting topics, is informative and often opinion-forming.

With our new «Quattro» offer, you can not only optimally adapt your advertising message to your target groups, but also optimise the desired reach while saving costs.

With the «Quattro-Più» you have the opportunity to place your message in Ticino by means of a fifth advertisement in «La Domenica» or «Corriere del Ticino».

OfferTitle selectionFormat 2Discount in % 3
«Quattro»Selection from 12 titles 11/1 page 4c20

1 Beobachter, CôtéNature Suisse, Glückspost, Interview by Ringier, L’illustré, Schweizer Illustrierte, Schweizer LandLiebe, Tele, TV8, TVstar, Blick und SonntagsBlick.
2 Other formats on request.
3 Offer includes eligibility for volume and final discount as well as advisor commission; Prices in CHF excl. VAT.

Supplements and special advertising formats

Supplements and special advertising formats

Weights and prices
Weights (g)Gross price CHF
≤ 1533’390
16 – 2533’390
26 – 3537’485
36 – 5037’485

Heavy specialities on request.

Bound inserts/ loose inserts and piggybacks: insert with sample 30% surcharge.

Technical conditions
  • Format:
    • Minimum: 200 x 105 mm
    • Maximum: 310 x 230 mm
  • Quality: the supplements must be easy to machine process and must not stick to one another, whether due to moisture or static charge. For special finishes, samples must be used to check the technical feasibility in advance.
  • Cover wrap/flap: the design of cover wraps with a shortened flap has to be based on the supplement format. The flap must only be shortened on one side, have a minimum width of 50 mm and be no more than 80 mm shorter than the overall product width. If the cover page is shortened, the product is positioned the other way round in the carrier product for technical reasons.

Supplements can only be processed if they have a parallel, roll, closed gate or cross fold. Zig-zag and open gate folds cannot be processed. All supplements must have a closed edge. Mistargeting and placement errors of 2 – 3% are standard within the industry.

Further information
  • Booking/ Cancellation: 5 weeks before publication.
  • Dummy version: the final acceptance (good to go) requires a binding sample to be provided on time.
  • Scheduling: for very thin supplements, duplicate placements cannot be precluded.
  • Third-party ads: for brochures containing third-party ads, +20% of the gross price for a 1/1 page will be charged per ad.
  • Positioning: positioning requests will be considered insofar as possible depending on the magazine structure and the properties of the supplement. However, there is no entitlement to mandatory insertion points. It is only possible to insert supplements in specific places on agreement.
Packaging specifications
  • The supplements must be stacked cover-side down.
  • The stacked layers must each be of a size that is suitable for handling (grip height of 8 –10 cm).
  • The supplements must be placed on a pallet loose, not bound or entwined.
  • The layers must be separated by cardboard inlays.
  • Maximum pallet height: 1.10 m
  • The pallets should each be cross strapped with two straps, especially for longer journeys
  • Euro pallets will be exchanged
  • If supplements are not processed and packaged as stipulated, this may affect the insertion deadline and result in additional costs. These will be passed on.
  • Packaging options:
    • With a lid and steel strapping
    • Securely shrink wrapped
    • Firmly stacked in a pallet frame
Pallet labelling

Pallets must be clearly labelled with the following information:

  • Precise description or title of the supplement
  • Name or title of the carrier product (split/region)
  • Publication date
  • Delivery quantity, including the number of copies per pallet and the number of pallets
  • Each pallet must be labelled and sequentially numbered
  • Different types must be labelled accordingly
  • Supplier and delivery date
Delivery note

The following information must be provided for each supplement:

  1. Sender
  2. Name/description
  3. Title
  4. Circulation
  5. Publication date
Delivery date

The supplements must be delivered no more than one week and no less than four working days prior to the publication date. The binding supplement registration form in the supplement tool must be completed prior to the delivery date, otherwise the delivery cannot be accepted.

Delivery times

Warenannahme Druckzentrum Zürich (DZZ): Tel. +41 44 248 49 58,
Monday – Friday: 07:00 – 17:30 Uhr
Before bank holidays, the incoming goods department closes at 12:00


DZZ Druckzentrum Zürich AG
Anlieferung & Beschaffung Tor 18
Bubenbergstrasse 1
8045 Zürich


Postage paid (without tax charges, e.g. VAT, customs).
DZZ Druckzentrum Zürich AG is neither an importer nor an orderer but solely the recipient of the supplements (or front labels) and will not accept any costs for this.

TitleCirculation 2023SubscriptionsKiosk sales



Cumulative turnover

The annual gross turnover* in CHF (excl. VAT) in all Ringier print publications is cumulative

Cumulative turnover CHF (excl. VAT)*Discount in %

* Gross according to the rate minus all special discounts and plus all additional costs (positioning surcharges).

Dynamic pricing offer
The following staggered contract discounts apply to all customers who use dynamic pricing:
Cumulative turnover CHF (excl. VAT)Discount in %
Special discounts
Discount in %
Training and development ads12
Political ads15
Cultural and events ads30
ZEWO charitable discount 150

1 All ZEWO-listed organisations/companies can avail of this discount. The ads must not serve any commercial purposes. This discount may not be used as a basis for contract bonuses, agency commissions or annual sales bonuses.

Advisory commission

Media, advertising and communication agencies are entitled to an advisory commission.

Commission rate:

  • 5 % from net
Annual turnover premium

Bei jährlicher Mindestabnahme von CHF 30’000 (ohne Rubriken).

Premium amount:

  • 5 % from net
  • Those eligible for Annual turnover premium are not eligible for Advisory commission



TopicsPublicationAdvertising deadlineIn cooperation withType of specialLink
Travel 128.01.202312.01.2023SonntagsBlickBroadsheetPDF
Garden11.03.202323.02.2023 BroadsheetPDF
Travel 218.03.202302.03.2023SonntagsBlickBroadsheetPDF
Barbecue15.04.202330.03.2023 BroadsheetPDF
Travel 322.04.202306.04.2023SonntagsBlickBroadsheet PDF
Travel 427.05.202311.05.2023SonntagsBlickBroadsheetPDF
Travel 524.06.202308.06.2023SonntagsBlickBroadsheetPDF
Travel 626.08.202310.08.2023SonntagsBlickBroadsheetPDF
Travel 7 incl. Caravan Salon21.10.202305.10.2023SonntagsBlickBroadsheet PDF
Christmas 18.11.202302.11.2023SonntagsBlick ZeitschriftPDF
Travel 802.12.202316.11.2023SonntagsBlickBroadsheetPDF

Technical conditions

Technical conditions

Printing method
  • Print process: newspaper web offset
  • Tone rating: 3-98% (highlight 0% = paper white)
  • UCR: 240% (sum of C+M+Y+K)
  • ICC: profile ISO newspaper 26v4
Print material colours
  • To optimally reproduce advertisements, the printer must receive a binding Qualiproof in accordance with the ISO Coated standard by the specified deadline.
  • The proof must have a Fogra media wedge on it. If no colour proof is available as a reference, your order will be printed in line with the PSO standard.
Data preparation (Mac and Windows)
  • Documents: PDF/X-4. Other documents on request (for the settings, please see
  • Image resolution: for Blick and SonntagsBlick: Bitmap: 845 dpi, greyscale and colour: 200 dpi (at 122 lpi), format: PDF. No RGB, DCS or OPI images
  • Fonts: smallest font sizes/negative fonts: = 8 point (bold, sans-serif)
  • Colour composition: all advertisements must be created using the Euroscale colours (cyan, magenta, yellow and black)
Address for data transfer


Dynamic Pricing

All clients and agencies have the opportunity o benefit from Dynamic Pricing. Here, a discount is granted for each booking, which is based on the following five criteria: Seasonality, Sales Development, Placement, Timing and Flexibility. In addition to the dynamic discount, clients and agencies continue to receive a final discount, which is based on the gross annual turnover. For the calculation of this discount, a uniform print closing discount scale applies.


Advertising formats


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