ALDI Suisse: presenting organic farming that takes things a step further


With its ‘Retour aux sources’ (‘Back to our roots’) label, ALDI Suisse has created an organic brand that takes sustainability a step further. ALDI wants to give its customers a lasting understanding of what this looks like.


A content campaign was launched to communicate the ‘Retour aux sources’ organic label and its added value. This offers authentic insights into an organic farm that is committed to the label and highlights its core elements. The content of the campaign was adapted for social media stories and branded stories in digital and print, in order to reach the widest possible target group. The campaign was flanked by display ads to raise awareness and provide proof of concept all the way to the ALDI product.

With branded stories (native ads) on »» and »blue News», we are raising awareness of the ALDI Suisse organic label
The core element of the branded stories consists of an explanatory video

«The entertaining videos with city kid Chiara not only provide vital information, but also showcase our proud producers and their belief in this label. This campaign has helped to present ALDI’s values in a good way.»

ALDI Suisse
Short video on the traceability of ‘Retour aux sources’ products
Short video on the organic label’s ‘feed no food’ approach

Explanatory videos work particularly well on social media, but they need to be rethought for those channels. We therefore created four short videos that each directly set out one core element of the brand in a way that is easy to understand for the social media channels of «», «Schweizer LandLiebe» and «Illustré».

Print is also part of the campaign: branded stories in «Beobachter», «Illustré» and «la Domenica»
The content campaign was accompanied by striking display ads, which generated additional awareness and broke the evidence down to the product

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