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Prominently position your day deal on blue News with outstanding visibility. As a further benefit, the editorial team will integrate the day deal into the CMS so the format will be displayed even if an ad blocker is enabled.

Swisscom blue is Switzerland’s top news and entertainment portal and provides over half a million readers from Switzerland and all over the world with current, quick and clear access to the relevant news every day. Blue News gives you the story behind the story (excitingly packaged in exclusive videos, background reports or interviews), and thanks to its links with blue TV, it also provides a high-quality TV experience with all that implies: as well as keeping an eye on key results via the ticker, sports fans also have a unique opportunity to watch football, ice hockey, tennis and skiing events up close and live on TV.

Rates & specifications

Rates – DE

Fixpreis BruttoCHF 21,500

Rates – FR

Fixpreis BruttoCHF 6,000


Fixpreis BruttoCHF 28,250

Discounts and conditions

  • All prices are in CHF and excl. VAT.
  • Advisory commission: 5%
  • Special discount: Charitable institutions (ZEWO-certified) – 50%.
  • General terms and conditions


Pixel in width × height994 x 576 px
Title in characters29 characters incl. spaces
Text in characters270 characters incl. spaces
InfoImage as JPG, PNG or GIF (not animated)

More information

Advertising material delivery deadlines

  • Standard formats: three working days
  • Special formats (e.g. branding day, videos, advertorials, native advertising, sponsoring): five working days

A campaign can only be guaranteed to start on time if the delivery deadlines are met. Where possible, advertising material that is delivered late will be considered at the latest up to 3 pm on the previous working day (standard formats) or one working day before the start of the campaign (special formats). If this final deadline cannot be met, the start of the campaign will be postponed.

Delivery address for display and newsletter advertising material:


All thirdparty tags, tag-in tags and references in an HTML5 file must be delivered via SSL (https://).


  • Audio for display and outstream video formats may only start playing as a result of user interaction (i.e. clicking on a sound button on the advertising material). 
  • Audio for instream video formats should be switched to ‘sound on’.


Flash files are not allowed.

Number of subjects

For each campaign (flight/line item), there is a maximum limit of three subjects for physical delivery. If more than three subjects are integrated, the material must be delivered via a third-party tag.

Heavy Ad Intervention

The contract partner is solely responsible for fulfilling the heavy ad intervention criteria of the browsers Chrome and Edge. Advertisement deliveries that are blocked by heavy ad intervention will not be refunded or compensated. More information: Chromium Blog


Branding Day background images

Branding Day background images: the function of background images and colours is to provide a visual frame for Branding Days. Advertising messages in the form of images and/or text may not be included in background images – these should only be placed in the banners used for the respective campaign. If the background image does not meet these requirements, it cannot be used. The visibility of the background image depends on the screen resolutions used. If these are too low, some or all of the background image may not be displayed. It is therefore not possible to display the entire background image on all resolutions. If a background colour is used, it must be made available to us as a hex code (e.g.: #ED3B94).


An ad reload takes place after 30 seconds at the earliest.

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