Launch Campaign Hard Tea

The success story of the USZIT beer is being extended with the launch of the new Hard Tea. Our Brand Studio is once again responsible for the launch campaign.

Just a beer? And now also an iced tea. The popular USZIT lager, which supports the Swiss forest with 5 centimes per can, has received substantial support since May: Hard Tea by USZIT is an iced tea with 4.5% alcohol by volume. And a brand new beverage category in Switzerland. It is available in the flavors Peach and Lemon.

The Brand Studio created a campaign celebrating “tea time” for the market launch of the new hard tea. The somewhat stiff and outdated term is broken up by authentic, sometimes unconventional visuals. The typographic solution, reminiscent of graffiti, reinforces this contrast and gives the seven subjects an urban character. “We wanted to create a visual language that is edgy and surprising. It’s taken from the middle of life,” says Jana Leonhard, Head of Creative Concepts at the Brand Studio.

The images in the campaign show snapshots from real life.

The campaign is targeted at a broad group of adults. “Our Hard Tea campaign is an ode to an authentic attitude to life. We show real people experiencing real moments of enjoyment – whether at the lake, on a rooftop terrace or simply with friends,” says Astrid Roland, Brand Director USZIT. Alongside the website, the launch campaign includes digital advertising material, a large-scale social media campaign and POS and gastronomy measures.

As with USZIT beer, 5 centimes of every can of Hard Tea will go towards protecting the Swiss forest.

Different social media adaptations are played out on Instagram and TikTok.

Responsible Brand Studio: Fabian Zürcher (Director), Jana Leonhard (Head of Creative Concepts), Elgee David Wee (Art Director), Laura Mancino (Head of Consulting), Ulli Glantz (Head of Image), Lukas Spichtig (Social Media), Ivo Tuchschmid (Social Media), Hauke Broschat (Senior Media Consultant),

Responsible at USZIT: Astrid Roland (Brand Director), Jeannine Grossmann (Senior Brand Manager)

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