Every week, “Handelszeitung” provides readers with valuable information on the stock market, careers, investments and management. In addition, the editorial team offers relevant primeurs from the world of business as well as researched industry and company stories. Their opinion articles are a liberal compass in everyday economic policy. For decision-makers in business and politics, the “Handelszeitung” is and remains a weekly information package that gets to the heart of the matter.


  • CharacteristicWeekly newspaper
  • Readership58 000
  • Reach1.1 %
  • Distributed circulation31 969
  • 1/1 page, gross rateCHF 13 500
  • FrequencyThursdays
  • DistributionGerman-speaking Switzerland
  • Cost-per-thousandCHF 234

Source for readership and reach: MACH Basic 2024-1 (basis: German-speaking language group of 5 255 000 people)
Source for distributed circulation: WEMF-Auflagenbulletin 2023

Media Facts

Media Facts

Readers (thousand)RangeStructureAffinity
Total581.1 %100 %100
Male461.8 %80 %161
Female120.4 %20 %40
14 – 34 years90.6 %14.9 %52
35 – 54 years211.2 %35.6 %106
55+ years291.4 %49.4 %132
14 – 19 years20.5 %2.9 %44
20 – 29 years40.6 %7.6 %56
30 – 39 years50.6 %9.1 %53
40 – 49 years101.2 %18 %111
50 – 59 years151.6 %25.5 %144
60+ years211.4 %36.8 %128
Household income in CHF
Up to 3,99950.7 %8.7 %65
4,000 – 7,999140.7 %25.1 %65
8,000+381.5 %66.2 %138
Type of residential area
Metropolitan area: central core481.2 %83.7 %106
Outside metropolitan areas90.8 %16.3 %77
Full time331.6 %56.5 %142
Part time80.7 %13.2 %60
In education/training20.5 %2.8 %45
Unemployed160.9 %27.5 %86
Compulsory50.6 %8.8 %53
Medium160.7 %26.9 %59
High371.9 %64.3 %169
Very strong/generally strong interest
Stock market. investment. financial markets403.2 %69.1 %295
Economy512.5 %89.2 %224
Cars and motorbikes171.7 %29.9 %158
Computers and informatics271.7 %47.2 %151
Science and technology411.5 %70.2 %139
Source: MACH Basic 2024-1 / Base: German-speaking language group of 5 255 000 people

Publication and advertising deadlines

Publication and advertising deadlines

IssuePublicationAdvertising deadlineDeadline for print material*
30 / 3125.07.202411.07.202422.07.2024
51 / 5219.12.202405.12.202416.12.2024

*Different print material deadline for specials in glossy & magazine format – 2 weeks before publication date.



Standard formats

FormatsPrint space in mm (W x H)Gross price in CHF
1/1 page291 x 43813,500
1/2 landscape291 x 2198,505
1/3 landscape291 x 1455,631
1/4 landscape291 x 1104,272
1/5 vertical114 x 2194,950
2/5 vertical114 x 4386,664
Junior page Maxi232 x 30010,173
Junior page Mini173 x 2506,954

Additional costs

Additional costsSurcharge additional costs*
Placement guarantee25 %
*Based on gross price in CHF

Cover pages

FormatsPrint space in mm (W x H)Gross price in CHF
2nd cover page291 x 43816,200

Double-page spreads

FormatsPrint space in mm (W x H)Gross price in CHF
2/1 page610 x 43829,700
2 x 1/2 landscape610 x 21917,828
Center Panorama 1375 x 43821,862
Center Panorama 2257 x 43814,964
Center Panorama 3257 x 2198,978
Center Panorama 4375 x 27013,476

Special formats

FormatsPlacementPrint space in mm (W x H)Gross price in CHF
Ad stripCover page291 x 456,000
Ad strip2nd bundle cover page291 x 455,300
Ad stripChair change291 x 405,023
Ad stripStyle291 x 454,347


FormatsPrint space in mm (W x H)Gross price in CHF
2/1 page610 x 21929,700
1/1 page291 x 43813,500
1/2 landscape 291 x 2198,505
Advertorials delivery by customers

Production surcharges

The following production surcharges apply when creating print material (text and design) via the Brand Studio:

FormatsLayoutPrint space in mm (W x H)Gross price in CHF
2/1 pageBroadsheet610 x 4385,000
1/1 pageBroadsheet291 x 4383,300
1/2 pageBroadsheet291 x 2193,300
Exclusive shooting – further adaptations and translations on request


FormatsAdditional informationper mm black and whiteper mm 2-colouredper mm 4-coloured
Ad pageIndividual2.182.703.78
Ad pageIndividual with text connection2.863.514.91
Ad pageIndividual advert11.0413.8019.32

Ad column width

ColumnsWidth in mm

Advert column width

SpaltenWidth in mm

Loose supplement

Weights in grammGross price in CHF
≤ 1518,954
16 – 2518,954
26 – 3519,188
36 – 5019,539

General policies

The prices and information are subject to change at any time without prior notice. All technical data and weight information is non-binding. All prices are quoted in CHF excl. 8.1 % VAT; prices are valid from 1st January 2024.





HZ Insurance Forum

As a sponsor of an expert lunch, you get the unique opportunity to discuss a previously agreed industry-relevant topic with up to 25 people during the lunch. You will not only act as host, but also as moderator and source of inspiration.

As host of the expert lunch, you will also be included in the official event programme and can present and profile yourself as an independent expert in terms of content.

With the Gold Partnership, you already enjoy a comprehensive logo presence in all communication measures before and during the event. The quality of the entire event is transferred to the Expert Lunch as the official programme item. This offers you the opportunity to engage in an intensive professional exchange with the participants and to reach your guests in an individual and targeted manner.

HZ Insurance Health Summit

The Swiss healthcare system is currently the subject of heated debate: Health insurance premiums, the digitalisation backlog, staff shortages and the role of hospitals are viewed very differently – especially when it comes to the question of who causes or could change what. In order to defuse this particular situation, dialogue between all parties involved is crucial. The situation is highly complex: 26 responsible cantons, cost pressure, society’s extremely high need for security and political and economic interests. This does not lead directly to the benefit of the patient and can only be resolved through constructive dialogue.

This is why strategic decision-makers, experienced practitioners, innovative new thinkers and those responsible for financial and legal frameworks are needed to develop realistic yet inspired ideas for the future.

We are bringing them all together at this new event – independently and with the neutral platform of HZ Insurance. Play an active role in developing the topic and contribute your expertise and visibility to this pioneering day for the healthcare industry.

HZ Insurance Horizon Day

HZ Insurance offers a new and innovative format that provides a platform for forward-looking decision-makers in the insurance industry, progressive InsurTechs and digital pioneers.

The aim is to connect successful insurance leaders with disruptive startups and hyperscalers and bring together potential investors, customers and partners.

The event goes beyond strategic discussions and fleshes out topics in practical formats. It includes interactive elements, international impulses, examples from outside the industry and customer opinions. The inspiring atmosphere in the historically modern location contributes to the positive experience of the event.


The next specialist event will take place in November 2024. The Innovation Award is looking for a suitable main sponsor.

The Swiss Insurance Innovation Award honours outstanding innovative insurance products, services as well as processes and instruments and thus recognises effective and pioneering projects from the insurance industry.

The three most important goals of this award are to offer insurance companies and brokers a platform to:

  • Demonstrate that the insurance industry is an exciting sector that offers solutions with a high level of innovation
  • Position themselves as innovative providers for their clients
  • To present itself as an attractive employer both internally and externally

For further information and enquiries, please contact Thierry Hansen (+41 44 259 88 52, thierry.hansen@ringier.ch).

Specifications & delivery

Specifications & delivery

Publishing title

TitleCirculation 2024SubscriptionsKiosk sales
*Supplements within a special can only be booked as a total print run
Technical conditions
Print space291 x 438 mm (advertisements only possible in the print space)
Tone rating3 – 98 % (highlight 0 % = paper white)
UCR240 % (sum of C+M+Y+K)
ColoursMust be in CMYK resolution
Resolution243 dpi
ICC-ProfilISO Newspaper 26v4
DocumentsPDF/X-4 (other documents on request). For the settings, please see www.pdfx-ready.ch.
Data transmission
AddressRingier AG
Ringier Advertising
Classifieds & Prepress
Flurstrasse 55
8021 Zürich


Requirements for the creation of advertorials

Column spacing4 or 6 columns
NoteThe words “PUBLIREPORTAGE” must be clearly visible at the top
Deposited grid10 %
LogoThe advertiser logo must be clearly visible
BorderA black frame must be used
Guidelines for fontsA font other than that of the “Handelszeitung” must be used
Fonts of HZTitle font: Chronicle Display Semibold
Lead/legend/box: Gotham Narrow Book (Black colour)
Basic font: Utopia Standard Regular


On newsprint paper
Print space291 x 438 mm (advertisements only possible in the print space)
ColoursMust be in CMYK resolution
Resolution243 dpi
ICC profileISO Newspaper 26v4
On glossy paper
Print space291 x 438 mm (advertisements only possible in the print space)
ColoursMust be in CMYK resolution
Resolution300 dpi
ICC profileISO Coated_V2_300_eci
In magazine format
Magazine format210 x 282 mm
Bleed advertisements+5 mm trim on all sides
ColoursMust be in CMYK resolution
Resolution300 dpi
ICC profileISO Coated_V2_300_eci

Loose supplement

Technical conditions
FormatMinimum: 200 x 105 mm
Maximum: 310 x 230 mm
QualityThe supplements must be easy to machine process and must not stick to one another, whether due to moisture or static charge. For special finishes, samples must be used to check the technical feasibility in advance.
Cover wrap/flapThe design of cover wraps with a shortened flap has to be based on the supplement format. The flap must only be shortened on one side, have a minimum width of 50 mm and be no more than 80 mm shorter than the overall product width. If the cover page is shortened, the product is positioned the other way round in the carrier product for technical reasons.
LayoutSupplements can only be processed if they have a parallel, roll, closed gate or cross fold. Zig-zag and open gate folds cannot be processed. All supplements must have a closed edge. Mistargeting and placement errors of 2 – 3 % are standard within the industry.
Booking/Cancellation5 weeks before publication
Dummy versionThe final acceptance (good to go) requires a binding sample to be provided on time
SchedulingFor very thin supplements, duplicate placements cannot be precluded
Third-party adsFor brochures containing third-party ads, +20 % of the gross price for a 1/1 page will be charged per ad
PositioningPositioning requests will be considered insofar as possible depending on the magazine structure and the properties of the supplement. However, there is no entitlement to mandatory insertion points. It is only possible to insert supplements in specific places on agreement.
Packaging specifications
  • The supplements must be stacked cover-side down
  • The stacked layers must each be of a size that is suitable for handling (grip height of 8 – 10 cm)
  • The supplements must be placed on a pallet loose, not bound or entwined
  • The layers must be separated by cardboard inlays
  • Maximum pallet height: 1.10 m
  • The pallets should each be cross strapped with two straps, especially for longer journeys
  • Euro pallets will be exchanged
  • If supplements are not processed and packaged as stipulated, this may affect the insertion deadline and result in additional costs. These will be passed on.
  • Packaging options:
    • With a lid and steel strapping
    • Securely shrink wrapped
    • Firmly stacked in a pallet frame
Pallet labelling

Pallets must be clearly labelled with the following information:

  • Precise description or title of the supplement
  • Name or title of the carrier product (split/region)
  • Publication date
  • Delivery quantity, including the number of copies per pallet and the number of pallets
  • Each pallet must be labelled and sequentially numbered
  • Different types must be labelled accordingly
  • Supplier and delivery date
Delivery note

The following information must be provided for each supplement:

  1. Sender
  2. Name/Description
  3. Title
  4. Circulation
  5. Publication date
Delivery date

The supplements must be delivered no more than one week and no less than four working days prior to the publication date. The binding supplement registration form in the supplement tool must be completed prior to the delivery date, otherwise the delivery cannot be accepted.

Delivery times
Monday – Friday07.00 – 17.30h
Before bank holidays, the incoming goods department closes at 12.00h

DZZ Druckzentrum Zürich AG
Anlieferung & Beschaffung Tor 18
Bubenbergstrasse 1
8045 Zürich

+41 44 248 49 58


Postage paid (without tax charges, e.g. VAT, customs). DZZ Druckzentrum Zürich AG is neither an importer nor an orderer but solely the recipient of the supplements (or front labels) and will not accept any costs for this.


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