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Want your digital campaign to reach the right users? Ringier Advertising offers a wide range of high-quality targeting strategies and target group segments to ensure your message reaches your target group online.


Thanks to Ringier Connect user data, we can offer you socio-demographic targeting of the highest quality.

Ringier Connect is Ringier’s single-sign-on solution, which our users require as a login on various sites. Of course, not everyone in Switzerland has a Ringier Connect login. However, our solid database with deterministic data enables us to provide high-quality projections.

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Benefit from Ringier Advertising’s broad portfolio of interest data on a range of themes – we cover every target group, from car fans to foodies to mothers-to-be.

Can’t find the right segment for your target group? No problem! We’d be happy to put together a customised segment to help you reach your target customers.

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Contextual Display

The right place at the right time – display your ad in the right contextual environment.

Choose the right theme for your campaign from over 100 standard segments or simply define your own keywords. Are there certain themes that are a no-go for you? With the brand safety segments, you can protect your campaign from ending up in unsuitable places.

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Contextual Video (Blick TV)

The right place at the right time – display your ad in the right contextual environment or in editorially relevant video clips by Blick TV.

Does this require a transcript? Yes, because the Blick TV video content – including titles and description – will be analysed through the video captions and the video content will then be automatically allocated to the IAB theme clusters. Choose the right theme for your campaign from our range of standard segments. This will enable you to reach viewers in the right mindset and help your advertising message generate more attention.

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Using Scout24 data, you can reach your specific target group based on their purchase intent and interests.

Intent targeting allows you to target your customers specifically based on their purchase intent and interests. But not every user wants to buy every thing they look at – that’s true. Based on a user’s search behaviour, we can determine whether they are showing intent to buy or whether they are just an occasional ‘browser’.
The data comes from a data cooperative with Scout24, from the platforms AutoScout24, ImmoScout24 and anibis. Scout24 is the leading Swiss network of online marketplaces.

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Our B2B targeting can help you reach employees from specific, defined industries and companies of different sizes.

From consulting and construction to finance and insurance, from SMEs to large companies – we can help you reach your preferred B2B target group. Where does the B2B data come from? Thanks to a partnership with Permagroup and Bisnode, one of the world’s leading companies in business and marketing information, we can offer high-quality B2B targeting based on commercial register data.

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Life Stage

Want to reach your target group based on their life stage?

We all go through various stages in life, each characterised by different interests and various life and purchasing decisions. You can now efficiently reach your target group on the basis of their life stage thanks to our four new life-stage targeting strategies.

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Reach Data

Does your advertising strategy aim to appeal to sports enthusiasts, car lovers, women, men or Generation Z users?

Reach Data enables advertisers to reach a specific target group in the entire Ringier Digital Network, which includes all the titles of the premium publishers Ringier Axel Springer, Ringier and Swisscom to form the digital advertising network with the widest reach in Switzerland.

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Good to know
Programmatic – book our portfolio programmatically

Our digital portfolio can also be purchased on a programmatic basis. This means that in addition to the classic booking method, purchases can also be made with the help of a demand-side platform via the open or private marketplace, on individual pages as well as on the Ringier Digital Network (RDN). With around five million unique users, the RDN accounts for approx. 79% of the Swiss digital advertising market.

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