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TV Star

TVStar is the people magazine about stars and celebrities from the TV and show business. In addition, the biweekly program guide offers exciting background stories about all aspects of television. Plus a host of tips and highlights for every day – produced, rated and recommended by the TVStar editorial team.

Rates & Specifications

Panorama bar in the program section

Gross PriceCHF 3,675
Type area in width × height396 x 44 mm

1/8 bar in the program section

Gross PriceCHF 1,875
Type area in width × height190 x 44 mm

1/32 corner in the program section

Gross PriceCHF 600
Type area in width × height396 x 44 mm

Technical conditions

Printing process
  • Print process: offset
  • UCR: 300% (sum of C+M+Y+K)
  • ICC profile: ISO Coated_V2_300_eci
Print material colours

To optimally reproduce advertisements, the printer must receive a binding Qualiproof in accordance with the ISO Coated standard by the specified deadline. The proof must have a Fogra media wedge on it. If no colour proof is available as a reference, your order will be printed in line with the PSO standard.

Data preparation
  • Data format: Delivery as a PDF file is considered standard and is preferable to delivery in other file formats
  • Documents: PDF/X-4. Other documents on request (for the settings, please see
  • Bitmap: 845 dpi, greyscale and colour: 300 dpi. Format: PDF. No RGB, DCS or OPI images
  • Colour composition: All advertisements must be created using the Euroscale colours (cyan, magenta, yellow and black)
  • Panorama pages: In the case of 2/1 pages with overflowing text, always take the gutter allowance into account or consult Ringier Advertising
Technical data
  • Magazine format: 210 x 282 mm
  • Bleed advertisements: +5 mm trim on all sides. Text and image elements that may not be trimmed must be 8 mm away from the edge of the magazine.
Address for data transfer
  • E-Mail:
  • Mail address: Ringier AG, Ringier Advertising, Classifieds & Prepress, Flurstrasse 55, 8021 Zürich

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