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royals, stars and true life stories!

GlücksPost online is the website of the eponymous magazine. A selection of articles are published online and inspire readers to immerse themselves in the world of folk music, big Hollywood names, lots of fascinating stories as well as tips for “better living”. There is also the facility to submit small ads online, which makes the page very popular among readers.

Take your advertising message to the attractive and loyal audience of GlücksPost online.

Facts & Figures
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6'000 Follower
Display Advertising
Desktop Advertising
Run of site

Achieve both maximum reach and plenty of contacts with run-of-site placements. Your ad will be displayed to every user across the entire website, without any restrictions – with a predefined number of contacts if required.

CPM Brut
70 CHF
49 CHF
70 CHF
49 CHF
Halfpage Ad
70 CHF
49 CHF
70 CHF
49 CHF
Universal Ad Package
50 CHF
35 CHF

Halfpage Ad:

  • Benefit from multi-device placements now. If the half-page ad is booked on desktop and mobile at the same time, the price for whichever device has the cheaper CPM will apply to both placements. The advertising material will be displayed on both devices, subject to availability.

Universal Ad Package:

  • Combination of leaderboard, skyscraper & medium rectangle. At least two formats must be delivered and one must be the medium rectangle.

Cost surcharge First Impression & Channel Targeting:

  • Universal Ad Package, Leaderboard, Skyscraper, Medium Rectangle: surcharge CPM, gross CHF 7.00
  • All other formats: surcharge CPM, Gross CHF 14.00


  • All prices are in CHF and exclude VAT
  • Net rate: includes 30% discount; before AC
  • AC: 5%
  • View GTCs here
Programmatic Advertising

Ringier Advertising’s entire inventory can also be conveniently booked programmatically.

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We offer a variety of targeting options on this brand website as part of the Ringier Digital Network. Reach your target group efficiently with one of our qualitative targeting options

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Content Advertising

With your articles, images, videos and more published on your own page on our media platform, you can convey the character of your product or service. We implement your creative ideas uniquely in the look and feel of our well-known media brand and use teasers to draw readers’ attention away from the page and towards your content.

Performance indicative
Flat rate Brut
Flat rate Net
1x Run of Site:
Teaser + article page
10'000 AI
3'000 CHF
2'100 CHF
  • All prices are in CHF and exclude VAT
  • Net rate: includes 30% discount; before AC
  • AC: 5%
  • View GTCs here
The following applies:

It applies as follows:

  • Advertising material delivery deadlines:
    • Standard formats: three working days
    • Special formats (e.g. branding day, videos, advertorials, native advertising, sponsoring): five working days
  • A campaign can only be guaranteed to start on time if the delivery deadlines are met. Where possible, advertising material that is delivered late will be considered at the latest up to 3 pm on the previous working day (standard formats) or one working day before the start of the campaign (special formats). If this final deadline cannot be met, the start of the campaign will be postponed.
  • Delivery address for display and newsletter advertising material: digitaladops@ringier.ch
  • Delivery address for advertorial & brand report advertising material: contentadvertising@ringier.ch 
  • Advertising material must be in delivered in https
  • Audio for display and outstream video formats may only start playing as a result of user interaction (i.e. clicking on a sound button on the advertising material). 
  • Audio for instream video formats should be switched to ‘sound on’.
  • For each campaign (flight/line item), there is a maximum limit of three subjects for physical delivery. If more than three subjects are integrated, the material must be delivered via a third-party tag.
  • Branding Day background images: the function of background images and colours is to provide a visual frame for Branding Days. Advertising messages in the form of images and/or text may not be included in background images – these should only be placed in the banners used for the respective campaign. If the background image does not meet these requirements, it cannot be used. The visibility of the background image depends on the screen resolutions used. If these are too low, some or all of the background image may not be displayed. It is therefore not possible to display the entire background image on all resolutions. If a background colour is used, it must be made available to us as a hex code (e.g.: #ED3B94).
  • The contract partner is solely responsible for fulfilling the heavy ad intervention criteria of the browsers Chrome and Edge. Advertisement deliveries that are blocked by heavy ad intervention will not be refunded or compensated. More information: Chromium Blog



Good to know
Targeting – reach your target group accurately
We offer a variety of top-quality targeting and target-group segments for your digital campaign. From socio-demographics and interests through to contextual targeting – thanks to high-quality data, we ensure that your message reaches your desired target group.
Updates – discover the latest news or browse through the archive

Here, you can read about what’s been going on in our world over the last few months. We publish new products, offers and services on a regular basis so that you’re always kept up to date. And if you happen to miss something, you can also find old updates in our archive.

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