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Dynamic Pricing

Using dynamic pricing, you can set your discounts dynamically based on five criteria.

What is dynamic pricing?

Every client and agency can reap the benefits of dynamic pricing, which applies a discount for each booking depending on the following five criteria: seasonality, sales volume, placement, timing, and flexibility. In addition to dynamic discounts, clients and agencies continue to receive a contract discount depending on gross annual turnover. This discount is calculated using a standard scale for print discounts. 

How do I use dynamic pricing?

Dynamic pricing requires use of the print Marketplace, which includes an automated calculation function. The dynamic pricing discount breaks down as follows:

Welcome to Dynamic Pricing

During the launch phase, all clients receive a welcome discount of 4%.

Criterion 1: Seasonality

A seasonality discount of 0% to 4% is applied to all issues from the Ringier and Ringier Axel Springer Switzerland portfolio. The discounts for the individual issues are clearly displayed, can be referred to in the PDF at any time, and are fixed for the duration of one fiscal year. The maximum discount for this criterion is 4%. 

Criterion 2: Sales volume

The customer’s print sales volume in our portfolio over the last 12 months is compared to the average sales for the previous 2 x 12 months. The maximum discount for this criterion is 4%.

Average growth for previous
2 x 12 months for Print


0% growth or decrease in sales0.5%
0% to < 2.5% increase in sales1.0%
2.5% to < 5.0% increase in sales2.0%
5.0% to < 7.5% increase in sales3.0%
7.5% or more increase in sales4.0%

Criterion 3: Placement

Each newspaper and magazine offers different placement options. The discount for each placement is calculated based on its attractiveness, demand and issue. This means that different discounts can be applied to the same placement in different issues. The maximum discount for this criterion is 4%.

Criterion 4: Timing

Each issue of a title has a specific target volume. Depending on how much of this volume a title reaches at the time of booking, the discount will range between 0% and 6%.

Target sales reached with Print


50% to <70%5%
70% to <90%4%
90% to <100%3%
100% to <110%2%
110% to <125%1%
125% and higher0%

Criterion 5: Flexibility

For non-cancellable fixed bookings, an additional 2% discount, which is deducted from the gross price in advance, is applied. This type of booking cannot be cancelled even before the ad closing date. In some cases (no print material, etc.), it is possible to postpone until the next issue; for daily newspapers, a maximum of one week is allowed. The maximum discount for this criterion is 2%.

Final Discount

The following final discount scale applies for all customers who are using dynamic pricing.

Gross sales
(after dynamic discount)

Final discount

CHF 100’0002%
CHF 200’0003%
CHF 300’0004%
CHF 400’0005%
CHF 500’0006%
CHF 750’0007%
CHF 1’000’0008%
CHF 1’250’0009%
CHF 1’500’00010%
CHF 1’750’00011%
CHF 2’000’00012%
CHF 2’500’00013%
CHF 3’000’00014%
CHF 3’500’00015%


  • Bookings must be completed dynamically for the entire period of the contract agreement; campaign-specific and/or multiple changes between dynamic and classic pricing are not allowed.
  • All bookings must be made using Admeira’s web-based Marketplace.
  • Incorrectly applied discounts, e.g. due to cancellations, will be settled retroactively.
  • The terms of the ad pricing and the general terms of insertion remain applicable.

Good to know
Marketplace – the booking platform for print advertising

Marketplace gives you direct access to our entire print portfolio of 30 high-quality titles. From the quote through to the booking and invoicing: your campaign can be dynamically managed and your expenditure optimised as required with just a few clicks.

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