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T, the magazine of Le Temps
The only «luxury & lifestyle» publication in French-speaking Switzerland. Like Le Temps, T Magazine has great editorial ambitions. Included with the Saturday newspaper, it sheds light on topics of interest to readers such as art, design, fashion, watchmaking, beauty, culture and gastronomy, alongside in-depth articles. In 2022, T Magazine is evolving to be fully in line with the Le Temps Saturday offering. Under the leadership of its editor-in-chief Rinny Gremaud, a new layout and four sections will give structure to the magazine. From 19 February 2022, T, the Le Temps magazine, will be given a new look and introduce new thematic sections. Four sections will structure the magazine: «Curiosi-T», «Nouveau-T», « Humani-T», «Vani-T». T is a magazine that arouses curiosity, takes the reader out of their «filter bubble» and helps them learn about the world. A magazine to help you escape, and make you think and reflect. A magazine that puts our notions of luxury and beauty into perspective. T Magazine offers lasting, timeless, high-quality content. Now more than ever, it offers a prominent platform for brands.
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