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The go-to outlet for managers in French-speaking Switzerland

For more than 30 years, PME has been the leading source for economic news focusing on the business landscape in French-speaking Switzerland. It is aimed at those who are looking for high-quality business content focusing on the specific issues faced by SME owners, executives and decision-makers in general on a daily basis. Its many articles, features, interviews and other fascinating portraits, all accompanied by practical solutions, offer readers the opportunity to better understand the market in French-speaking Switzerland and to position themselves for a competitive advantage. In June 2021, as part of a successful redesign, PME dropped ‘Magazine’ from its name, keeping just the three letters. Its content and values remain unchanged, but new sections and a complete graphic overhaul with a fresher, more dynamic, more structured layout reaffirm PME’s position as the leading outlet for decision-makers. The PME brand offers an integrated ecosystem of print, digital, social media and events to communicate with business leaders and influential economic networks, using the content of its magazine, website, social media accounts and events, such as Les Matinales and the PME Academy. PME is still THE source for business and economic news in French-speaking Switzerland. It is a recognised, respected and popular publication that sets the standard.

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Here, you can read about what’s been going on in our world over the last few months. We publish new products, offers and services on a regular basis so that you’re always kept up to date. And if you happen to miss something, you can also find old updates in our archive.

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