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Le Temps
Leading media outlet of French-speaking Switzerland

Founded in 1998, Le Temps is the leading media outlet in French-speaking Switzerland, with the same high standards of quality and editorial independence across different formats. An indispensable source of information for opinion leaders and decision-makers, its editorial formula is based on four main areas: Politics, Economy & Finance, Culture and Lifestyle. During the week, the newspaper provides rolling coverage of the latest news, with investigations, analysis of political and economic news, not forgetting the Sports and Culture pages. The weekend edition of Le Temps is published on Saturdays. Two supplements make for a delightful read. The first supplement covers daily news. The second supplement Entre-Temps offers real value-added editorial content. Around 20 pages in length, it covers, in about twenty pages, themes such as society, psychology, philosophy, books and gastronomy, all built around the theme of culture in its broadest sense, satisfying a demanding and curious readership with high purchasing power. Le Temps is committed to providing reliable, high-quality information above all else. On all of its platforms (print, digital, social media, events), it sets itself apart by being innovative, liberal and humanistic and offers meticulous, high value-added content. Its nationally and internationally recognised high-quality media status makes Le Temps a perfect environment for showing off our partners’ brands.

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