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Le Temps
Popular media in french-speaking Switzerland

Established in 1998, Le Temps is the publication of reference for French-speaking Switzerland and is published in various formats, all with the same high standard of quality and editorial independence. An essential source of information for thought leaders and decision makers, editorially it focuses on four key areas: politics, business and finance, culture and lifestyle.

During the week, the paper features the latest news, along with investigative stories, political and economic analysis, and, of course, sport and culture sections.
On Saturdays, editorial coverage is bolstered by Le Temps Week-end – a supplement that focuses mainly on culture and books, but also on lifestyle topics, such as tourism, design, food and drink, etc.

Credibility and editorial quality are the two cornerstones of the Le Temps brand. It stands out across all platforms (print, digital, events) for its innovative, independent and people-centred approach, and offers informative and high added-value content. Widely recognised as a quality medium, both nationally and internationally, Le Temps is the ideal environment in which to promote our partners’ brands.

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