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Blue News is the Swiss news and entertainment portal that provides half a million readers with daily, up-to-date news from Switzerland and around the world, presented quickly and clearly. bluewin.ch delivers the stories behind the stories – presented in exciting exclusive videos, background reports and interviews – and, thanks to its connection to Swisscom TV Air, also offers a high quality and unique TV experience. Sports fans can not only follow key developments as they happen via the live ticker – they can also experience their favourite football, ice hockey, tennis or skiing events live and up close on their TV.

Film fans also love Blue News  for its tips on the latest programmes, opinionated reviews and updates from the world of stars and celebrities, the glamour and the drama. Lifestyle and digital topics taken straight from real life and an extensive email service complete the range of features on bluewin.ch.

Blue News records more than 2.1 million users across the country every month – that’s 34% of Swiss internet users (source: NET-Metrix-Profile 2019-2).

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blue News
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Here, you can read about what’s been going on in our world over the last few months. We publish new products, offers and services on a regular basis so that you’re always kept up to date. And if you happen to miss something, you can also find old updates in our archive.

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