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Blick TV
Blick TV – the digital TV of German-speaking Switzerland
Blick TV broadcasts live 16 hours a day from the specially built studios in the newsroom of Ringier Pressehaus in Zurich. Using state-of-the-art TV studio technology, the main studio has been directly integrated without any partitions. This means that the new editorial team, made up of almost 50 members, broadcasts directly from the newsroom. This, in addition to the partnership with CNN, makes Blick TV the fastest news outlet for national and international news. Thanks to exclusive breaking news reports, users can find out everything they need to know about current events around the world within 180 seconds, live and first-hand.
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Blick TV
Achtung, Reto, los!
Reto Scherrer is an interview professional through and through. Hardly anyone elicits as much information from his guests as the charming Thurgau native. Now he wants to take his interview skills to the next level. How does he do when the circumstances are complicated? That\\\'s what we want to find out, and we keep putting him in new challenging situations with interview guests. It\\\'s not primarily about the content of the interview, but about the curious circumstances.
«Am Ball mit Böni»
When it comes to Swiss football, Blick Football CEO Andreas Böni is happy to share his opinion. Who is doing a good job? Who is only paying lip service? Böni analyses recent events in football with top-class information and a crisp, clear message.
Powerful stories of strong people – «Sichtbar» (visible) focuses on the topics that others aren’t discussing. Moderator Sylwina Spiess tackles tricky issues with great sensitivity and holds discussions with those affected, who share their experiences.
«Bachelorette - die Abrechnung»
We accompany each «Bachelorette» season with a weekly, interactive live format. Immediately after the 3+ show, «Die Abrechnung» (the reckoning) starts, in which Sylwina Spiess welcomes the polarizing characters from the current episode to the Blick TV studio. The most controversial scenes are hotly debated (and, as experience shows, very intensively clicked) - with wit and irony, Sylwina gets to the heart of the candidates.
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