Blick podcasts – Blick Group audio formats

Blick podcasts – Blick Group audio formats

The Blick Group launched its first podcast format back in late 2017, making it the first private media group in Switzerland to back audio formats as a new platform. From explanatory podcasts to talk shows, we have already tested various formats and continue to develop new ideas and pop-up podcasts. The Blick Group is one of the largest private non-radio players in the Swiss podcast market.

Pro und Konter

The podcast puts current Swiss and international sports in the spotlight. Sports journalists Dino Kessler and Emanuel Gisi take up opposing positions in an argument and battle to see who wins. The cream of Blick Sport expertise, given tongue-in-cheek treatment with jokes on the side.


Blick’s knowledge podcast – the “Durchblick” team researches what users are interested in. What have listeners always wanted to know? What answers are they seeking from science? “Durchblick” finds the answers to their questions.

Liebe im 21. Jahrhundert (love in the 21st century)

There are various relationship podcasts, but none like this one yet. Journalist Charlotte Theile and author Thomas Meyer are experts on love, relationships and break-ups. The prominent duo talks about love in the 21st century every second Friday in the new Blick podcast


Hugo, Julian and Paul welcome in “Causette” personalities who make the French-speaking part of Switzerland alive and address with them topics we have never heard about.

Cold Facts

The journalists Grégory Beaud from Blick FR and Jean-Frédéric Debétaz from the Keystone-SDA agency discuss and analyze everything that happens in the Swiss ice hockey scene.

Podcasts command users’ attention

While traditional radio programming is generally based on a fixed schedule and users consume the content more or less passively, podcasts work differently. Users have to proactively select the content – in other words, with podcasts, it is a specific interest in certain topics or contributions that leads to use.

Source: SRF audio study 2019, sample: respondents who listen to podcasts weekly (n=124)

Podcast usage in German-speaking Switzerland

  • Approximately a quarter of the population of German-speaking Switzerland listens to podcasts at least once a month
  • 12% of the German-speaking population of Switzerland are weekly podcast listeners
  • In the younger target group, every fifth person listens to podcasts weekly
  • Usage in the younger target groups is twice as high as in the over-45 age category

Source: SRF audio study 2019, sample: all respondents (n=1,002)

Podcast providers

  • The podcast platform market is dominated by two providers: Spotify & Apple
    In particular, the music streaming provider Spotify, which is especially popular among younger podcast listeners, has recently increased its focus on podcasts
  • Older people in German-speaking Switzerland, on the other hand, tend to rely on direct access via the websites of providers such as SRF, Blick or NZZ
  • Other platforms, such as Deezer and Google Podcasts, have so far been unable to make much impact in German-speaking Switzerland

Reasons for podcast usage

The most significant motives for use are: interest in specific topics, information, entertainment, the ability to listen when and where you like, switching off/relaxation and education.

 93% of podcast listeners accept advertising if it means the service remains free**

75.2% consciously listen to advertising in podcasts, rather than fast-forwarding through it**

More than 30% of podcast listeners have taken action based on podcast advertising**

 **Source: Podstars podcast survey 2018, sample: all respondents (n=1,002)

Our podcasts

Find out more about our current formats. We are happy to discuss the individual advertising options for our podcasts.

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